Intersection Reconstruction at CR 3, Pinelawn Road Wins 2016 ACEC Engineering Excellence Award

Suffolk County Department of Public Works’ (SCDPW) Intersection Reconstruction at CR 3, Pinelawn Road project, one of its largest in a decade, was successfully planned, designed and built in a timely and cost-effective manner attributable to the County’s forward thinking and the designer’s use of advanced engineering technology. This unique project is the first in Suffolk County to utilize AutoCAD Civil 3D design files, which were programmed into construction equipment outfitted with Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) to perform construction tasks.

The success of this intersection reconstruction project served the public well in efficiently revamping an intersection to greatly improve the safety and mobility of pedestrians and vehicles in an area servicing the largest employment center on Long Island. SCDPW’s new technological approach to design and construction provided an accurate, resourceful and inventive means to completing a large project, while reducing construction duration by six months and saving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars.

Aside from construction staging and work zone traffic control designed to maintain open travel lanes throughout peak periods of congested traffic, this project was not technically complex with respect to the design elements. However, the innovative design of the project proved to be essential in completing the Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) process and achieving Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval and federal funding. The design team’s use of Civil 3D provided the ability to review specific and intricate design and construction operations, visualize right-of-way (ROW) boundaries with proposed alignments to avoid cemetery and private properties, incorporate built-in quality assurance/quality control mechanisms to avoid errors and provide greater accuracy, accelerate the design process and decision making prior to and through detailed design, calculate quantity take-offs and produce an engineer’s estimate expeditiously and precisely, and incorporate AMG to construct more intelligently and efficiently. The designer’s extensive use of 3D modeling produced from the design, offered the County a more effective way to communicate with all interested parties through comprehensive visualizations of the proposed improvements. The result was appreciation and support from business owners, residents, director of a national cemetery, substantial private property owners, and a public eager for improvement to an unsafe intersection

The County’s goal was to reconstruct a safer, less congested intersection for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists alike. They set out to shrewdly expend County and federal funds to improve an area serving the largest employment center on Long Island. In addition to meeting and surpassing the project goals and objectives, SCDPW not only gained public approval, but through the intelligent and innovative use of enhanced engineering technology, a successful new means of developing and constructing projects was introduced for use on future contracts.

Intersection Reconstruction CR3 Overview

Intersection Reconstruction CR 3 constructed