Planning & Design

Client/Owner: State of Vermont and the Fort Ticonderoga Association

Location: Mt. Independence, VT

Award: American Association for State and Local History 2008

GPI Contact: Robert White, R.L.A.

Description: GPI was selected to prepare a comprehensive site master plan for trail access, environmental preservation, and site interpretation. The trail master plan outlined a system of trails to access areas of the site, including fully accessible trails, a program of interpretive kiosks and site markers and an updated site map for visitor use.

Service: Planning and Design

Baldwin Interpretative Trail

Client/Owner: Ryko Development, LLC

Location: Prince George's County, MD

GPI Contact: Daniel Jackson, P.E.

Description: GPI was chosen to work on the Beech Tree Community project, a 1,200-acre, 2,400 unit golf course community located in Prince George’s County, MD. GPI was responsible for all surveying, planning, and engineering for this project which started with designing a ‘Class A’ dam that would create a 40’ deep lake as the focal point for the community.

Service: Planning and Design

Category: Master Planning, Landscape Architecture

Beech Tree Community

Client/Owner: Franklin Regional Council of Governments

Location: Greenfield, Montague, Deerfield, and Northfield, MA

Award: Best Urban Bike Path in Yankee Magazine's listing of Massachusetts Best Attractions 2010

GPI Contact: Rebecca Williamson, P.E.

Description: GPI was selected to perform design services for this 15-mile bikeway project. The project included four miles of off-road bike path along an abandoned rail-bed that was adjacent to the power canal owned by Western Massachusetts Electric Company.

Service: Planning and Design

Category: Rails to Trails/Trails

Franklin County Bikeway

Client/Owner: New Hampshire State Parks

Location: Hampton Beach, NH

GPI Contact: Robert White, R.L.A.

Description: GPI designed public space improvements for the renovation of Hampton Beach State Park. GPI’s work included designing the pedestrian boardwalk to include plazas, shade structures and plantings that separate the pedestrian way from the parking areas, ADA beach access, improvements that allow for safer pedestrian connections between the beach and the shops across Ocean Boulevard, and new LED lighting, signage, and wayfinding.

Service: Planning and Design

Hampton Beach Improvement Plans

Client/Owner: NYCDOT

Location: New York, NY

GPI Contact: Michael Salatti, , P.E., PTOE

Description: The NYC DOT developed a school safety program for public schools that were located in areas where pedestrian and vehicular crashes were noted to be high. Under this program, GPI was assigned 29 elementary and intermediate schools and developed school safety reports and pedestrian safety improvement plans, with the goal to improve walking conditions for students and provide safety in their daily commute to and from school.

Service: Planning and Design

New York City Schools Pedestrian Safety Project

Client/Owner: Champlain College

Location: Burlington, VT

Award: LEED Platinum

GPI Contact: Robert White, R.L.A.

Description: GPI provided site design services to renovate and expand Perry Hall into Champlain College’s Admissions Office. The design includes a generous lawn area and is a showcase of ‘green’ site design features including a gravel wetland, pervious walkways, native plant materials, rain garden swales for parking areas, a green roof and energy efficient LED lighting.

Service: Planning and Design

Perry Hall Renovation and Expansion

Client/Owner: Sebonack Neck Holdings, LLC

Location: Southampton, NY

GPI Contact: Robert Grover

Description: GPI led a team of professionals providing planning and design for the creation of this unique private golf course located on environmentally sensitive land. The major goals of the project were to meet, or exceed, standards for establishment and operation of an organic golf course, to create a wildlife preserve within and around the golf course, and to preserve and protect the extensive wetlands on the property.

Service: Planning and Design

Category: Green Infrastructure, Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Parks and Recreation

Sebonack Neck Golf Course

Client/Owner: Town of Tilton

Location: Tilton, NH

Award: Plan NH Merit Award 2007

GPI Contact: Robert White, R.L.A.

Description: GPI designed a park at the site of the former Pillsbury Mill on the Winnipesaukee River at the edge of Tilton’s downtown district. The park includes river access, green space for community events, a small playground, and walking connections to the downtown. A central pavilion that references the architecture of the Pillsbury Mill serves as the centerpiece of the park.

Service: Planning and Design

Tilton Park

Client/Owner: NPS Rivers and Trails Program, Town of Franklin

Location: Franklin, NH

GPI Contact: Robert White, R.L.A.

Description: GPI provided planning and design services for a new park in downtown Franklin, NH. The design includes an ADA accessible ramp to the river. The original eighteen-foot diameter iron wheel that once drove the local mill’s machinery now welcomes visitors entering downtown across the Central Street Bridge. This project was honored by the Merrimack Valley Paddlers and Friends of the Winnipesaukee River for its boat-friendly and thoughtful design.

Service: Planning and Design

Trestleview Riverfront Park



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