Expert Coatings Consulting

GPI is not affiliated with any coatings supplier, equipment manufacturer or painting contractor. All advice is in the best interests of our clients.

Staff members are recognized as industry experts through achieving either SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist or NACE Protective Coatings Specialist status.

Consulting Areas of Specialization

Expert Witness
Initial Services
• Preliminary Document Review
• Preliminary Analysis of Dispute
• Oral Report on Findings

Full Line of Services
• In-Depth Field Analysis
• Expert Report
• Technical Document Assistance
• Interrogatory Preparation Assistance
• Deposition, Court Appearances
Coating Failure Analysis
In-Depth Analysis of Failure
• Coating System
• Specifications
• Application
• Materials
• Equipment
• Staffing
• Site Conditions

Comprehensive Laboratory Support
• Defective or Contaminated Materials

Litigation Support
Corrosion & Coatings
Condition Surveys

The use of consensus standard survey data to assess the condition of protective coatings and other corrosion protection systems.

• Individual or Multiple Structures
• Coatings Maintenance Strategies
• Prioritizing Coatings Needs
• Cost Estimates, Budgeting
Painting Specifications
GPI develops specifications based on owner needs and industry best practices.

• Surface Preparation
• Coatings Materials
• Coatings Application
• Applicator QC
• Lead Paint Removal
- Worker Protection
- Environmental Compliance
- Waste Management & Disposal
• Specification Preparation
• Specification Reviews
• Bid Documents
Technical Services
• Coatings Maintenance Programs
• Coatings Materials Recommendations
• Review of Contractor Submittals
-QC Programs
-Lead Compliance Program
-Contractor Coating Submittal
-Value Engineering Assistance 
• SSPC QP1 and QP2 Assistance  
• Product Evaluation
• Custom testing protocols and in-house laboratory services

Solutions that work for your coatings needs.

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