Laboratory Services

side-by-side photos: coatings technician performing test and a small rack of test tubes

The laboratory staff at GPI have experience and expertise in the science, technology, and engineering of corrosion protection by paints and coatings and are able to provide superior performance solutions to our clients.

Coatings Laboratory Testing

Product Characterization
• Weight/gallon
• % Solids by weight and/or volume
• % Pigment
• Lead / heavy metals content
• Epoxide and amine content
• FTIR fingerprints
Performance Evaluations
• Abrasion resistance: Taber and falling sand
• Adhesion: pull-off, cross-cut, and X-cut knife
• Flexibility
• Impact resistance
• Pencil hardness
• Color and gloss
• Scrubability
• Coefficient of friction
• Atlas cell immersion
Laboratory Investigation
of Coating Failures
• Microscope evaluations
• Simulation tests
• Generic resin identification
• Gas Chromatography
• FTIR analysis
Accelerated Weathering Testing
• Salt fog and cyclic accelerated corrosion
• Weathering (UV/Condensation)
• Condensation and humidity
• Water fog
• Fresh/Seawater immersion
• Cathodic disbondment and delamination
Physical Property Testing
• Viscosity
• Pot life
• Sag resistance
• Flash point
• Shelf life
• Fineness of grind
Specialty Testing
• Slip coefficient certification (Bolted connections)
• Tensile Strength
• Gravelometer
• FTIR generic coating identification

Environmental and Analytical Laboratory Testing

Air Monitoring Analysis
• PM10: Airborne particulate less than 10 microns
• TSP: Total Suspended Particulates
• 37mm: For personal air monitoring
• All filters are available for purchase
Waste Characterization
• TCLP: Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
• Wastewater analysis
• pH
• Paint filter analysis
Total Metal Analysis
• Paint and coatings
• Soil
• Wastewater
• Abrasive
• Dust wipes

lab technician with latex gloves filling test tubes

Third Party Laboratory Services
Solutions that work for your testing needs.

Coatings Specialty Services


Steel, aluminum, and other substrates prepared to customer specifications


Airless spray (single leg and plural), conventional spray, brush, and roller


Preparation of coated panels for show and display

GPI is accredited by the following agencies for environmental testing:

National Lead Laboratory Approval Program (NLLAP) Accreditation:  AIHA-LAP, LLC. – IHLAP/ELLAP # 101030
National Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (NELAP) Accreditation: State of New York – ELAP # 11609
State of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality: Agency Interest # 180321
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Laboratory Accreditation Program: State Laboratory ID: 9993
State of Ohio: DOH # E10013
ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA): Certificate #5033.01

Accreditations comply with ISO 17025 standards.