The majority of the bridges in the US were originally constructed before GPI was founded. Today, many of these bridges have either exceeded their life span or are rapidly deteriorating. Our bridge expertise includes NBIS inspection, rating, and design. Our designs include both replacement and rehabilitation, and have involved utilizing some of the industry’s cutting edge solutions such as composite decks, precast bridge units for accelerated construction, and carbon fiber tubes (aka Bridge in a Backpack). Several of our bridge designs have won awards including the national ACEC Project of the Year. Our work with the Federal Highway Administration as support for the Bridge Preservation Expert Task Group has acknowledged GPI as a national leader in Bridge Preservation.


  • Bridge Design/Rehabilitation
  • Historic Structures
  • Bridge Preservation
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Load Ratings
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Ancillary Structures
  • NHI Training
  • Underwater Inspections