Sustainable Infrastructure


Infrastructure is crucial for our well-being. Its true value often only becomes obvious once it fails or is in danger of no longer connecting us or allowing us to provide basic services and functions. Infrastructure, especially in relation to transportation is in urgent need of repair/rehabilitation in many parts of the country where oftentimes century-old crucial elements of the transportation system are crumbling. The need for functioning infrastructure coupled with the recognition that low-carbon transportation modes (public transit, cycling, walking) require dedicated infrastructure, poses the opportunity for sustainable infrastructure development. GPI, since its foundation in 1966, has provided infrastructure inspection, maintenance, and construction services to a wide variety of clients throughout the U.S. We are known for providing cost-effective and state-of-the art solutions that prioritize the use of environmentally-friendly resources and ensure the protection of environmentally-sensitive areas in our projects.


Design & construction
Green infrastructure
Roadway design for all transportation modes
Bridge replacement & rehabilitation