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Our experts deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for a wide array of projects. Contact one of our practice leaders for more information.

A professional services firm is only as good as its people, and GPI employs many of the best in our industry.
Many of our executives and discipline managers have a long history with our organization, creating a stable leadership core to guide our long-term strategies and daily operations. Our leadership team works directly with clients to ensure they benefit from the full range of our capabilities within, and across, our practice areas of engineering, design, planning, and construction management.



Christer Ericsson
p: (978) 570-2955

Vanessa Cifuentes
Human Resources
p: (631) 761-7317

Deborah Chase, PE, AVS, DBIA
Bridge Design
p: (631) 761-7371

Lew Brode, PE, LEED AP
Building Systems Engineering
p: (240) 268-1822

Denise Carter, PE
Construction Engineering & Inspection
p: (631) 761-7394

Joe Nemmer, PE
Civil & Site Engineering
p: (716) 989-3330

Scott Deitche
Environmental Sciences
p: (813) 830-7766

David Wagner, GISP
GIS & Asset Management
p: (908) 287-2731

Brian Mausert, PE
Highway Design
p: (908) 287-2695

Perry Nutter
Alternative Project Delivery
p: (443) 753-5551

Bill Orsinger, LS
Survey & Mapping
p: (443) 753-5555

Carolyn Radisch, AICP
Transportation Planning
p: (802) 359-7061

Mike Salatti, PE, PTOE
Traffic Engineering
p: (631) 761-7352

Diane Altland, PE

p: (814) 314-2881

Paul Badr, CP, PLS, PPS, SP
p: (704) 251-8402

Sarah Olthof
Laboratory Services
p: (616) 608-0515

Frank Wefering
p: (631) 761-7209