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Our FAA-certified staff has completed aerial and obstruction surveys for major airports throughout the United States. Our airport projects include GPS control surveys, FAA obstruction analysis, and ALP base mapping. We have the capacity and resources to provide geospatial services for airport projects of any size or complexity.

GPI’s aviation mapping specialists are certified in FAA AC 150/5300 16, 17, & 18, with over 40 years of experience conducting mapping surveys for airports. We offers high accuracy mapping capabilities for all types of airports ranging from pavement projects, intermodal connections, and airport GIS mapping.

GPI Geospatial operates multiple aircraft equipped with Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) technology for imagery and LiDAR acquisition in order to produce highly accurate topographic and planimetric maps to identify obstructions, such as towers, buildings, and vegetation. Additionally, where appropriate, GPI’s advanced approach includes simultaneous LiDAR and digital imagery acquisition. Once combined, orthophotography and 3D LiDAR data surfaces are exceptional for airspace analysis of runway approach surfaces for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Obstruction Mapping
  • Planimetric Updates
  • Airport Facility Mapping
  • GPS Approach Surveys
  • Pavement Inventory / Design
  • 3D Mapping DEM/DTM
  • GIS Data Conversion