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GPI performs mapping in 3D. We have mastered the blending of multiple technologies to create the best and most cost-effective 3D mapping products for the transportation industry. High accuracy drainage designs for corridors requires precision mapping to ensure safety for our communities. We excel at achieving accurate 3D data that exceeds mapping standards. Our expertise and performance translates into safer designs throughout the US. GPI utilizes the most advanced airborne and terrestrial Class 3 LiDAR sensors capable of generating +/- 0.05’ accuracy and collecting intensity readings for all physical planimetric and topographic features. Our LiDAR system generates an extremely dense point cloud capable of right-of-way feature extraction and detailed digital terrain models (DTM) for roadway design.

Our experience also encompasses “green field” mapping for initial project planning utilizing our fixed-wing, rotary, and UAS aircraft; coupled with our digital sensors to create an ortho-rectified mosaic image of the entire proposed project.  All of GPI’s precision mapping products incorporate traditional ground survey, 3D modeling, digital imagery, static, mobile, and aerial LiDAR. All mapping products are signed and sealed by a professional surveyor.

  • Roadway Design
  • Preliminary ROW Investigations
  • Roadway Interchange Design
  • Horizontal & Vertical Clearances
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Hydrological Design & Assessment
  • Asset Management